Walker & Royce – I Surrender

After some killer music on Crosstown Rebels, OFF and Pets Recordings, NYC’s Walker & Royce head to Glasgow Underground for their latest release.

“I Surrender” is a killer deep house groove, all soaring vocals, disco touches and bumping bass – the kind of thing you imagine getting dropped at a New York loft party at 4am. The flip-side “I Got It” is another Manhattan style party moment jam-packed with happy stabs and get-me-up bass.

Remixes come from Mia Dora, Barrientos, Lee Webster & Kevin McKay and Demarzo.

Mia Dora take the original and leave it pretty much for dead, replacing the warmth of NYC for a steely stare at Glasgow clubland. The kind of thing you’d imagine Ame and the Visionquest boys would come up with after a full weekend bender in the Sub Club.

Barrientos follows up his much-feted Romanthony remix with another irresistible house groove. Part Joris Voorn, part Groove La Chord and part Computer Madness, this is another brilliant floor-filler from the young Glaswegian.

Lee Webster and Kevin McKay take “I Surrender” on the kind of slo-mo disco journey that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Larse set, all horn stabs, moogy swells and low-slung bass.

Finally Demarzo delivers the kind of slow-burning disco groove that has worked so well for his releases on Noir, Nurvous, 2DIY4 and Lou Lou.


Larry Heard – Really liking “lee webster & kevin mckay” remix and “I’ve got it”. Thanks and much success with the release…

Russ Chimes – Oof this is great!Loving that Barrientos mix particularly!!
Will def play out! Thanks!

Jon Dasilva – Da Marzo mix is a beaut

Grum – Thanks for this. Liking the DeMarzo mix the most! Proper jam.

Mark E – Thanks for sending, loving em all, but think the original is the one for me, love it.

Bxentric – mama mia dora this rmx is amazeballs & your rmx with lee sounds wider than big bertha man sounds amazing man, likey!

Dimitri Nakov (Ushuaia) – Lovely collection of mixes.. Classy stuff.

Hector Romero – Great to see this finally find a home – the boys gave this to me over a year ago – so nice to see this Lillo Thomas sample get put to use 😉 Looking forward to the link with the full mixes. Thanks H

Courtney Clarke (Kiss FM Melbourne) – CC = FAN Really great tunes i’ll be for sure using these in the some sets in the clubs asap. Great Release

Untold – Thanks again for more great music. The Mia Dora mix is really speaking to me… Great overall package. I’m on tour in the US at the moment and look forward to testing it out in the next few weeks

MANIK – Really dig this song. Will def play this a lot. Good stuff from my homeboys

Baunz – Really nice release this, my favs are the mia dora mix and “I’ve got” . Your mix rocks, I always do thos counter-stabs with rhodes and stuff.
Very slick and classy the whole package.

Omid 16B – SIK SIK SIK SIK SIK …how many more times can i tell u ? …thanks a million for such a great package with fantastic jazzed up vibes kicking the shit out of any decent system..will bang this to death like a prisoner having a chance to get laid after life in prison …GU rule !!!! love Om xoxoxo

Coyu – Mia Dora and Barrientos remixes are up my alley. Thanks for another quality release mate. Hugs from Barcelona.

Spada – Mia Dora is cool as always

Nik Lawson – Great release, great remix package all round, the Mia Dora remix is the one for me, matching the darker style I play, great moody track 🙂

Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing) – just back from hectic travelling and decided to unwind to emails. And pleasantly surprised I fell in love with
yours & Lee Webster mix of “I Surrender”. Great vibe! Thanks for sharing. I’m so feeling it.

Roy (Wurst) – Thanks for sending this my way, Kevin. Gavin’s a bud. Diggin “I Surrender”, stoked to hear you snapped it up.

Rob (Stereo MCs) – like the mia dora mix man peace Rob

Tob Breu – big release man! thumbs up! really like the mira dora mix & your teaming up with lee webster!! will definitely play one of them tonight in the club..

Alex Caslano – Really nice package as always, liking the original, Barrientos and your mix the best – nice to hear those summer vibes when it’s so cold. Got it on the download – thanks!

Jeremy Glenn – Great release! Solid deepness all around. I’m a big fan of the original and the DeMarzo Remix. Really like I’ve Got It as well. Cheers!

Nacho Marco – Lovely one Kevin !!! All versions are excellent. Will play it.

LHK – thanks for this mate, yours and Lee Websters mix by far the best, will be playing… any chance of a wav ?

Wildkats – Hi mate…Can we get download links for this release please?

Jas Shaw – This is great! I love the original and your mix and Mia Dora one. In fact all of them are dead good! Top release!

Drop Out Orchestra – Thanks for sending, the DeMarzo remix sounds cool!

Snax – Thanks! Nice stuff as always. The Original and the DeMarzo have a terrific 80’s vibe without being retro or pretentious. Those are the ones for me.

Severino – These are greats..My fav mix is yours ..Barrientos is super good …and i LOVE “ive got it “original

Moodymanc – wicked boogie-esque vibes here! really like the original and yours and Lee’s take in particular!!! super cool!!!

Toon Janssens – great mia dora & barrientos rmx!

Harri (Sub Club) – digging both original mixes on this

Clement (Colette) – Thanks Kevin I like the Demarzo remix !

Brett Gould – loving the Walker & Royce track you sent over. Really strong mixes but the original just gets the nod.. but overall a nice package mate..

Sergey Sanchez (Propaganda, Mowscow) – I like your letters, every time something new, thanks! Original version & DeMarzo remix for me. Thanks again!

Shivers – MASSIVE SUPPORT on this one.. the W&R guys are my fams and this is an excellent release (…would have loved to remix this!)

Ric Colair – it’s perfect! It reminds me to the summer and get’s me a little bit melancholic 🙂 Lee’s + yours remix and the one from DeMarzo are amazing!

Eric Clark – Yeah! Thank You: I would play the 1st one totally!