Romanthony – Bring U Up (2012 Remixes)

Following on from the re-issue of the classic Dixon edit of “The Wanderer”, Glasgow Underground revisits another of Romanthony’s classic works.

Bring U Up originally appeared on Roman’s Blackmale label in 1995 as a rumbling slice of New Jersey garage complete with gospel samples and Romanthony collaborator The Trojan Horse. It was a bit of a cult favourite with underground heads like DJ Deep. It wasn’t until Roman completely re-produced and re-sang the song in 2000 that it fully took on anthem status. Out went the heavy kicks and hypnotic moods and in came James Brown horn stabs and a live beat that sounded like Bernard Purdie had joined him for the session (the drums were actually provided by Roman himself). The result was an instant club hit with everyone from Pete Tong to Francois Kevorkian that reached (a very respectable 74) in the UK national charts.

For the 2012 versions we wanted to cover as wide a range of house as we could… Deetron’s version (already promo’d and released as a single by Balance – not that they were meant to!) takes the funk vibe of Roman’s 2000 version and toughens it up for todays dancefloors, PBR Streetgang deliver a wonderfully deep modern house groove, Lee Webster adds a monster baseline and some serious beats, Toby Tobias delivers 2 mixes straight out of the 90s basement and Glaswegian wunderkind Barrientos offers a kind of sun-kissed Gypsy Woman style re-invention. Also included is an unreleased DJ friendly edit of the 2000 version done by Kevin McKay.


Andre Crom – thx for the new mixes, they are welcome!

Agoria – yes wav pleazzzzz… i might play it at boiler room wednesdayy

Junior Sanchez – these remixes are amazing! great job,, i had the deetron one but the mckay edit.. and lee websters r rockin.. so is the barrientos mix the piono riff is nostalgic.

Laurent Garnier – A million thanks for these ………i love it , it’s so great to have new mixes of such a classic track. Full support from me

Orde Meikle – Thanx for the cool tunage

Dan (Cosmic Kids) – Very awesome

Mark E – thanks for these, love the barrientos remix, real nice, and the deetron.

Timo Garcia – Love the PBR remix and also the Barrientos one

James Shaw – I like your edit, the Barrientos one and obviously the Deetron one is a beast.

Anil Chawla – Just checked it mate, thanks! Good end of night stuff, will give it a spin over the weekend 🙂

Viadrina – Awesome remixes! The ones from Toby Tobias and Barrientos are our favs! Yeah, they are rockin!

Will Eastman (Volta Bureau) – Feeling the Barrientos mix the most. Love the piano.

Harri (Sub Club) – Deetron and Barrientos mixes for me : )

Roy (Wurst) – Toby Tobias Version 2 is the one. Man’s not afraid to take risks and this mix is all the better for it. Barrientos bring the smiles, enjoying that on this rainy day here in the city.

Leigh Morgan – very nice work from Toby and Barrientos here, v nice indeed!

Lem Springsteen (Mood II Swing) – Personally I really like Kevin’s edit. It sounds pretty amazing like James Brown or Prince (ish).
I’m also feeling the ala Crystal Waters mix by Barrientos.

Tom Breu – thanks for the package.. it’s huge.. PBR mix definitly my fave.. apart from lee webster & barrientos..

Stuart Patterson – Hi Kevin, your edit as i’m playing a lot more backrooms again and the 2000 version was also as much about the funk as the house… toby’s mix number 2 for the warm up and barrientos for a bit more energy.. so plenty of plays coming up

Snax – PBR and Deetron grab me the most….and yeah I thought the Barrientos was too derivative at first, but it’s somehow somewhat irresistible. LOL

Nik Moss (Groove Assassin) – Thx for the promo really feeling the PBR & Barrientos mixes will give them some love this weekend at ADE !

Thomas Lesnier – Yep man, this is the shit for me 😉 My favorites are Lee Webster and wow, Deetron, what can I say, its a killer ! And yes indeed the Crystal Waters style mix from Barrientos is doing it for me too ! Great release by Glasgow Undergound ! 2 thumbs up 🙂

Small Pyramids – i’m loving the barrientos remix of bring you up. really cool vibes.

Dimitri Nakov – Great set of mixes.. Thank you ! Will play out here in Ibiza, on Global and in my sets around.

Charles Webster – thnx mate…love the tobias mixes…will play mix 2 for sure.

Sasse – thanks for these – really feeling the Tobias Mix 2 and Barrientos remix – but overall a killer release.

Severino – Wow these mixes are HOT … Love pretty much all of them … WELL done!!

Stacey Pullen – cool thanks nice one on the classic tip

Lewis Dene – I actually think Kevin’s mix is the strongest on the package. I’m not overly familiar with the original actually – but like the vibe. Think the cheeky Barrientos is pretty strong too.

Matt (Wolf Music) – PBR one for me on this release. The original is a classic and part of my musical up-bringing so it is a challenge to make a remix package appeal, but I like what the PBR guys did with it. Heard it get played a fair bit already, so reckon it will do well for you.

Phonique – PBR, Lee & Barrientos are all doing it for me! thx for sharing with me!

Drop Out Orchestra – great package, thanks for sending! would love wav of the PBR streetgang mix

Sean Brosnan (Future Disco) – Thanks I like the barrientos mix best, will give it a spin on the radio show.

Stefan Riessen (Morris Audio) – man this is AWESOME!!!! super cool remixes, really love them all!!! are you putting all of them out on vinyl? you have to!!! really love the roughness of some tracks!! killer!

Nacho Marco – This is absolutely fantastic !!! Really hard to pick a favourite remix as all of them are awesome. What a bomb mate.

Irfan Rainy – This is obviously an all time fave of mine ( I wish could have an edit etc ). But I like yours and Deetrons the most so I guess I really need them as wavs pretty as hell please ??? 🙂

Michelle Owen – Thanks for sending. Im well thanks. I really like the Deetron, PBR and Barrientos remixes.

Dave (MN2S) – Sounds great, I’m sure this will get a lot of support.

Luke Pompey – Cheers mate can you please send me over the package. Some nice work on there.

Ric Colair – For me I favor Deetron’s remix, it has the most energy inside. PBR’s and Lee’s versions are very deep compared to the original. But I think an excellent work in 2012. I will definitely buy the vinyl 🙂

Thomas Coxhead – Bloody hell, that’s a tasty remix package isn’t it?! Will spin one of these on Saturday night mate